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Chilingirian Quartet

Kings Place, 3-May-2020 / 18:30

Kings Place, 19-May-2019 / 18:30

Recital with violaist Prunella Pacey

The Chilingirian Quartet played on the 8th of May 2019 at the Purcell Room.


The Chilingirian Quartet consists of Levon Chilingirian and Ronald Birks on violins, Susie Mészáros on viola and Stephen Orton on cello. It was founded by Levon Chilingirian OBE in 1971, along with cellist Philip De Groote. Mr. Chilingirian is a professor and Chamber Music Artist in Residence at the Royal Academy of Music and professor of Violin and Chamber Music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Kings Place, 3-Feb-2019 / 18:30

Recital with violaist Prunella Pacey

  • Mozart: String Quintet No. 2 in C minor
  • Beethoven: String Quintet in C Op. 29
  • Mozart: String Quintet No. 4 in G minor

The quartet performed:

  • > Mozart's String Quintet No. 1, String Quintet No. 3 and Mendelssohn's String Quintet No. 1 in A with violaist Prunella Pacey on the 13th of May 2018 at Kings Place.
  • > Brahms Piano quintet and Ronald Corp's Letters from Sony with Andrew Bronwell and Sarah Pring respectively at St. Jude’s, Central Square on the 28th of June 2017,
  • > at Kings Place on the 2nd of April 2017.

Stephen Orton became the cellist following the retirement of Philip de Groote in 2013, while Ronald Birks became a member of the Quartet in 2009.

Kings Place, 5-Feb-2017 / 18:30

  • Mozart: String Quartet No. 22 in B flat K.589
  • Bartok: String Quartet No. 6 (1939)
  • Beethoven: String Quartet in D, Op. 18 No. 3

Haydn's Opus 76 No 3 No. 9 at Kings Place

Kings Place, 13-Nov-2016 / 18:30

Bach: Das Musikalische Opfer (The Musical Offering), BWV1079 (arr. H David)

  • Chilingirian Quartet, Roy Carter - Oboe, Paul Edmund Davis - Flute, Prunella Pacey - Viola, Toby White - Cello, Enno Senft - Bass, John Constable - Harpsichord

Kings Place, 9-Oct-2016

  • Mozart: String Quartet No. 15 in D minor
  • Bartók: String Quartet No. 4 (1928)
  • Beethoven: String Quartet in B flat Op. 18 No. 6

Kings Place, 7-Feb-2016

Kings Place, 8-Nov-2015

Milton Court Concert Hall, 15-May-2015

Recital with violaist Matthew Jones

The quartet made its BBC proms debut on the 25th of August 1976 in a performance of Schubert's Octet alongside the Lindsay String Quartet.