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Nash Ensemble

The ensemble played on the 7th of December 2019. See Roderick Williams for more details.

Wigmore Hall, 16-Nov-2019 / 19:30

Nash Ensemble, Richard Hosford - Clarinet

Wigmore Hall, 16-Nov-2019 / 17:30

Wigmore Hall, 12-Oct-2019 / 19:30

Stéphanie d'Oustrac - Mezzo-soprano, Simon Crawford-Phillips - Piano

The ensemble performed Birtwistle's Fantasia upon all the notes, 3 songs from The Holy Forest, Songs by Myself and The Woman and the Hare on the 12th of April 2019.

Wigmore Hall, 19-Mar-2019 / 19:30

Maximilian Schmitt - Tenor

The ensemble performed twice on the 19th of March 2019.

Wigmore Hall, 10-Mar-2019 / 11:30

Wigmore Hall, 16-Feb-2019 / 19:30

Lucy Crowe, Jamie Phillips - Conductor

The ensemble performed on the 12th of January 2019. Please refer to Lawrence Power for details.

Wigmore Hall, 8-Dec-2018 / 19:30

Recital with baritone Roderick Williams

Wigmore Hall, 24-Nov-2018 / 19:30

The ensemble performed Bax's Elegiac Trio for flute, viola and harp, Rebecca Clarke's Piano Trio and with Lucy Crowe Butterworth's Love Blows as the Wind Blows and Patrick Hadley's Scene from ‘The Woodlanders’ in a BBC Radio 3 lunchtime recital on the 9th of November 2018 at St. Luke's.

Wigmore Hall, 20-Oct-2018 / 19:30

Recital with Clarinettist Richard Hosford

Wigmore Hall, 20-Mar-2018 / 19:30

Recital with pianist Ian Brown and Soprano Rebecca Evans

The ensemble performed Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale at the Wigmore Hall on the 10th of March 2018.

The Ensemble performed Fauré's Piano Quartet No. 1 in C minor Op. 15 at the concerts marked with an (*).

Wigmore Hall, 10-Feb-2018 (*)

  • Ravel:
    • Sonatine (arr. Carlos Salzedo/Skaila Kanga for flute, viola and harp)
    • Beau soir (arr. for viola and piano
    • Trois Poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé
  • Stravinsky:
    • Three Japanese lyrics
    • Two poems by Konstantin Balmont
  • Debussy: Chansons de Bilitis (arr. Pierre Boulez)
  • Sophie Bevan - Soprano
  • Leslie Caron - Reciter

Wigmore Hall, 13-Jan-2018 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 9-Dec-2017 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 28-Oct-2017 / 19:30

The Ensemble played on the evening of the 20th of September and in the morning of Sunday, the 24th September 2017 at the Wigmore Hall. They also performed on the 23rd of September 2017 with the BBC Singers at Milton Court.

Wigmore Hall, 11-Feb-2017 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 22-Oct-2016 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 17-Oct-2015 / 19:30

Recital with mezzo-soprano Renata Pokupić

Wigmore Hall, 14-Mar-2015 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 7-Feb-2015 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 17-Jan-2015 / 19:30

Martyn Brabbins - Conductor, Sally Matthews - Soprano

Wigmore Hall, 4-Dec-2014 / 19:30

Martyn Brabbins - Conductor, Eleanor Bron - Narrator

Wigmore Hall, 22-Nov-2014 / 19:30

Wolfgang Holzmair - Baritone

Wigmore Hall, 18-Oct-2014 (*)

Paul Watkins - Conductor, Kate Royal - Soprano

Wigmore Hall, 15-Feb-2014 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 25-Jan-2014 / 19:30