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Mark Padmore - Tenor

Mark Padmore performed together with Roderick Williams and pianist Julius Drake on the 27th of May 2023 at the Wigmore Hall.

Wigmore Hall, 2-May-2023 / 19:30

Favourite pieces

Beethoven's Abendlied unterm gestirnten Himmel WoO. 150 performed in 2022 (May 15 and 17), 2018 (December) and 2015 (September).

Beethoven's Adelaide Op. 46 and Maigesang (also called Mailied) Op. 52 No. 4 performed in 2018 (December) and 2015 (September).

Beethoven's Neue Liebe, neues Leben Op. 75 No. 2 performed in 2018 (December) and 2015 (September).

Beethoven's Resignation WoO. 149 performed in 2022 (May 15 and 17), 2018 (December) and 2015 (September).

Brahms' Der Tod, das ist die kühle Nacht Op. 96 No. 1, Es liebt sich so lieblich im Lenze Op. 71 No. 1, Es schauen die Blumen Op. 96 No. 3, Mondenschein Op. 85 No. 2 and Sommerabend Op. 85 No. 1 performed in 2019 (July) and 2016 (January).

Brahms' Meerfahrt Op. 96 No. 4 performed in 2019 (July), 2018 (February) and 2016 (January).

Mozart's Das Veilchen K476 and Abendempfindung K523 performed in 2018 (December) and 2015 (September).

Schubert's Meeres Stille D216 performed in 2018 (February) and 2016 (January ).

Schubert's Der Schiffer D536 performed in 2021 (September), 2018 (February) and 2015 (June).

Schubert's Des Fischers Liebesglück D933 performed in 2016 (September) and 2015 (June).

Schubert's Der Wanderer an den Mond D870, Am Fenster D878 and Viola D786 performed in 2016 (September) and 2015 (September).

Schubert's Wer sich der Einsamkeit ergibt (Gesänge des Harfners I) D478, An die Türen will ich schleichen (Gesänge des Harfners II) D479 and Wer nie sein Brot mit Tränen ass (Gesänge des Harfners III) D480 performed in 2017 (June) and 2016 (January).

Schumann's Dichterliebe Op 48 performed in 2021 (November) and 2019 (July).

Schumann's Liederkreis Op 24 performed in 2022 (February), 2021 (November) and 2016 (January and May).

Wigmore Hall, 28-Mar-2023 / 19:30

  • Mark-Anthony Turnage: A Constant Obsession for tenor and 8 players

Wigmore Hall, 25-Jun-2022 / 19:30

Recital with Paul Lewis

  • Schubert: Winterreise D911

Wigmore Hall, 15th of May 2022 and 17th of May

Recital with Mitsuko Uchida

  • Beethoven:
    • An die Hoffnung Op. 94
    • An die ferne Geliebte Op. 98
  • Schubert: Schwanengesang D957

Royal Festival Hall, 26-Mar-2022 / 19:00

Bach: St. John Passion and Handl (Gallus): Ecce quomodo moritur justus

  • Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Mark Padmore - Director and Evangelist, Mary Bevan - Aria, Daisy Walford as maid, Paula Murrihy - Aria, Laurence Kilsby - Aria, Tom Robson as servant, Raoul Steffani as Christus, Philip Tebb as Peter

Wigmore Hall, 14-Feb-2022 / 19:30

Recital with Imogen Cooper

  • Schumann:
    • Märzveilchen Op. 40 No. 1
    • Muttertraum Op. 40 No. 2
    • Der Soldat Op. 40 No. 3
    • Der Spielmann Op. 40 No. 4
  • Fauré:
    • Mandoline and En sourdine from 5 mélodies 'de Venise' Op. 58
  • Reynaldo Hahn

Milton Court Concert Hall, 29-Nov-2021 / 19:30

Recital with pianist Jonathan Biss

  • Schumann: Sechs Gedichte und Requiem Op 90

Wigmore Hall, 19-Sep-2021 / 19:30

Recital with pianist Till Fellner

  • Schubert:
    • Der Pilgrim D794
    • Der Musensohn D764
  • Schumann: Kerner Lieder Op. 35

Kings Place, 5-Jun-2021 / 19:30

Recital with the London Sinfonietta

  • Peter Warlock: The Curlew
  • Charlotte Bray: Midnight Interludes
  • Luke Bedford: In the Voices of the Living

Wigmore Hall, 26-Jun-2020 / 13:00

Recital with Mitsuko Uchida

  • Schubert: Winterreise D911
  • Purcell: No stars again shall hurt you from The Tempest Z631

Wigmore Hall, 24-Jan-2020 / 13:00

Recital with the Sacconi Quartet

  • Rachmaninov: Romance for string quartet
  • Jonathan Dove: In Damascus

Mr. Padmore sang the role of 'Gustav on Aschenbach' in Britten's Death in Venice at the Royal Opera House on various dates in November and December 2019.

Wigmore Hall, 20-Sep-2019 / 19:30

Recital with fortepianist Kristian Bezuidenhout

  • Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin D795

Wigmore Hall, 24-Jul-2019 / 19:30

Recital with Paul Lewis

  • Mahler: Rückert Lieder

Mr. Padmore's concerts, unfortunately, cancelled due to the pandemic

On the 16th of March 2021 at the Royal FestiVal Hall.

On the 19th of January 2021.

On the 8th of December 2020 with Jonathan Biss at the Milton Court Concert Hall.

On the 21st of October 2020 at the Royal Festival Hall with a programme including Thomas Larcher's A Padmore Cycle for tenor & orchestra.

On the 7th of July 2020 with Kristian Bezuidenhout at the Wigmore Hall.

On the 16th of April 2020 with Kristian Bezuidenhout at the Wigmore Hall.

He sang the role of the Evangelist in Bach's St. John Passion at the Royal Festival Hall on the 2nd of April 2019. For more details about that concert see Roderick Williams.

Royal Festival Hall, 2-Mar-2019 / 19:30

Haydn: The Seasons

  • London Philharmonic Orchestra, Vladimir Jurowski - Conductor, Sophie Bevan, Mark Padmore, Andrew Foster-Williams - Bass-baritone, London Philharmonic Choir

Wigmore Hall, 19-Dec-2018 / 19:30

Recital with pianist Simon Lepper

  • Haydn:
    • She never told her love HXXVIa:34
    • The Spirit's Song HXXVIa:41
    • Antwort auf die Frage eines Mädchens HXXVIa:46
  • Beethoven:
    • Aus Goethes Faust: Es war einmal ein König Op. 75 No. 3
    • Selbstgespräch WoO. 114
  • Schumann: Kerner Lieder Op. 35

Mr. Padmore performed On Wenlock Edge by Vaughan Williams and a new song cycle by Luke Styles for with principals of Britten Sinfonia in a lunchtime recital on the 21th of November 2018 at the Wigmore Hall.

Royal Festival Hall, 26-Mar-2018 / 19:00

Bach: St Matthew Passion

  • Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Choir of the Enlightenment, Mark Padmore - Director and Evangelist, Roderick Williams as Christus, Jessica Cale - Soprano, Katherine Watson - Soprano, Claudia Huckle - Contralto, Hugo Hymas - Tenor, Matthew Brook - Bass

Handel: " As steals the morn"

Wigmore Hall, 1-Feb-2018 / 19:30

  • Ireland: Sea Fever
  • Haydn: Sailor's song HXXVIa:31
  • Stanford: Drake's Drum from Songs of the Sea Op. 91
  • Fauré:
    • Au cimetière Op. 51 No. 2
    • Les berceaux Op. 23 No. 1
  • Duparc: La vie antérieure
  • Rebecca Clarke: The Seal Man
  • Tippett: Full fathom five from Songs for Ariel
  • Elgar, :
    • Sea Slumber Song from Sea Pictures Op. 37

Mr. Padmore sang songs by Mahler and Schumann's Lenau and Kerner Lieder at St Luke’s Church, Clapham with Julius Drake on the 13th of January 2018 and Schubert's songs in the Sherriff Centre on the 5th of January 2018.

He performed Schubert's Winterreise accompanied by Mitsuko Uchida at the Wigmore Hall on the 11th of December 2017.

Wigmore Hall, 26-Jun-2017 / 19:30

Recital with the Vienna Piano Trio

Milton Court Concert Hall, 2-May-2017 / 19:30

Recital with pianist Jonathan Biss

Mr. Padmore performed with the English Chamber Orchestra on the 21st of January 2017.

Wigmore Hall, 13-Sep-2016 / 19:30

An all Schubert song recital with pianist James Baillieu

Kings Place, 13-Jul-2016 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 12-May-2016 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 22-Jan-2016 / 19:30

Recital with pianist Paul Lewis

Wigmore Hall, 30-Sep-2015 / 19:30

Recital with Kristian Bezuidenhout playing the Fortepiano

Wigmore Hall, 17-Jun-2015 / 19:30

Recital with pianist Roger Vignoles

Royal Festival Hall, 10-May-2015 / 19:30

Royal Festival Hall, 2-Apr-2015 / 19:00

Bach: St Matthew Passion

Royal Albert Hall, 6-Sep-2014 / 19:00

Bach: St Matthew Passion (sung in German)

Royal Albert Hall, 27-Aug-2013 / 19:00

Mr. Padmore made his BBC Proms debut on the 24th of July 1994 in Bach's St Matthew Passion with the St James's Baroque Players being conducted by Joshua Rifkin.